Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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Nakatawa Fotography - Anyone that is inquiring about my services such as, but not limited to, special events, weddings, debuts, maternity shots etc., can see further works of mine and can reach me through this website.

"I Spy with my Creative Eye..." - This would be my Photo Web Journal of upcoming shoots, projects, events and anything else photography related.

My Facebook Page - Never thought I could get hooked on this networking site but I have as I've recently caught up with those I've known since elementary up to current. Feel free to add me as a friend, though I do request that you should include a reason and/or a brief message if I haven't met you before. You will get added faster if you do. Just sayin'!

My Twitter Page - I have really embraced the term "microblogging" for those instantaneous updates for wherever I am, whatever comes to mind and whatever I'm doing. in 140 characters or less of course!

My MySpace Page - I got hooked onto the "MySpace Cult" for awhile. But this was before I soon discovered Facebook! I rarely visit this but you're still more than welcome to check it out and see what I have or haven't done to the page.