About Me

Photographer / Creative Consultant: Nino Roy

Nino Roy was Born and raised in Edmonton, AB, Canada for over 20 years.

Nino feels strange that he's writing about himself in the 3rd person.

He has been involved in the arts ever since he learned to draw with a crayon. He never took any art lessons or any formal art classes, contrary to what people would like believe. But whether it may be something related to the Fine Arts or the Performing Arts, you can surely bet you would find him involved in some way or another. Drawing? Dancing? Web Site Designing (He did this site himself) - He can do it!

He recently got back in touch with his inner-photographer self back in the fall of 2004. Though he has been shooting around for fun prior with his Fuji disposeable point and shoot cameras, he never took photography seriously and never thought it would take him to where he is today, being in demand for personal shoots and covering many special events in and around the city.

His approach and style is to keep it simple and natural as possible.

His weapons of choice currently consist of a couple Canon DSLRs and a selection of Canon's "L" Series of Lenses, an Olympus 5060C (just to shoot around with while outs and abouts), an octobox/shoot through brolly and an Alien Bees B800 monolight.

He launched his photography business in the fall of 2007: Nakatawa Fotography. "Nakatawa" - meaning to "make laugh and/or smile" in tagalog. The name best suits his style as his images tend to make people smile.

Photography has been quite the adventure. Can't wait to see where it leads him to next

- Nino

Studio: Make Shift Studios

So where exactly is Make Shift Studios? It's pretty much anywhere where I can set up my gear! There could be one in Edmonton, Calagary... anywhere in North America really.

As much as I love shooting outdoors, there are some times where an indoor studio shoot is necessary. And at times, creativity and ingenuity come into place as actual studios may not be available for one reason or another. Provided there's ample space to set up a 12' wide backdrop and my monolight - it could be an open area, living room, basement etc.. that space is considered my "Make Shift" Studio.

It may be small and may not look "professional" by any means, but it does the trick!

A look at some of the clients that I have collaborated with:

3SB | Cherrie Cruz Fashion | Connected Entertainment | Derrick Motel | Dianna David | Divided By Style | Divertido | Econolodge | Edmonton Motor Dealership Association | Edmonton Journal | Eye Care | Genette Salgado | Grand Prix of Edmonton | Jessica Halabi Fashion | Maximum Fighting Championship | Miss Hawaiian Tropics | Olivia Cheng | PlanIt Adventure | Raw Beauty Salon | Salgado Fenwick | United Productions | Venzilla Vintage | Vue Weekly

Picture by Dong Kim